ELEVATING YOUNG KINGS INC."Passing the crown to tomorrow's Leaders"

   ELEVATING YOUNG KINGS INC."Passing the crown to tomorrow's Leaders"


How was the Program Established

“Write the vision , make it plain .”

* Phyllis Jackson, a single mother, took the example of two teachers posted on Facebook, that created a gentleman’s club for the young black boys, in their school, who needed mentors. As a mother of a little boy, Phyllis saw the need for consistent, genuine, postive male figures for boys that lack the male guidance in their lives, first-hand, & decided to create something in the Metro Atlanta area to help resolve this issue. 

• Services: This group’s focus is young boys who lack consistent male direction and guidance, as well as single mothers who don’t have access to mentor groups/programs for their sons. This program will also offer resources & networking opportunities for parents .

Operational structure: This group shall consist of entrusted men throughout the community who have an interest in teaching, mentoring, and creating a safe & consistent male guidance.