ELEVATING YOUNG KINGS INC."Passing the crown to tomorrow's Leaders"

   ELEVATING YOUNG KINGS INC."Passing the crown to tomorrow's Leaders"


Meet our King Influencers 

Meet Mr. Sinsear ( Sincere)( the Philosophical Entrepreneur)

Derrick T. Clark ( a.k.a Sinsear/Sincere )has a fire in his belly for the art of speaking. He has branded the greatest four letter word of all, LOVE. In everyday circumstances, two words control us. Fear and Love are the greatest contributors to our actions in work, study, dreams and relationships. This understanding makes him one of the most passionate and powerful orators you will ever see!

He has honed his skills over several years, of leadership, in the military and on stage. Sharing platforms with the very best Poets, R&B and Neo Soul artists (along with his discipline) has prepared him for every life altering message given.

The sky is the limit after he speaks and inspires our diaspora,

Meet Mr. Milk ( The Empowering Orator )

Marshall Cullins ( a.k.a Milk The Greatness ) is a Father, published author, orator, & host for various Spoken word shows in the Atlanta area. For years, he has raised his sons. and daughter, as he provided societal knowledge, and cultural awareness to our communities. 

As the author of " I Apologize & Young, Arrogant & Invincible", he showcases his transparency in the life lessons learned as he grew into the man of greatness that he is today. As he trains the boys in this program, he provides a multl-faceted perspective on entrepreneurship, using talents for capital freedom " thinking outside of the box" & mental health.

Meet Mr. Jay Jay ( The Well of Historical Knowledge )

Jose Miranda, is a technician with an intense passion for historical facts & knowledge. At every opportunity, Mr. Jay Jay, shares his knowledge of philosophical. and health facts. He consistently provides our members with introductions of other cultures, and pushes them to be their best selves. 

He always ensures that our members understand the vitality of knowing who they are, and recognizing their strengths, as they work to improve their challenged areas.  Jose believes that a person has three areas of growth. A spiritual area, in which he obtains religion or philosophy. The fiscal plain, in which he takes care of his body, and material goals, as well as personal relations, where a person chooses who he wants present in their life. 

For anyone to diminish one area for another is to go hungry, and so he strives to motivate  growth in all three, for the boys in our program.

Meet Coach Evan (The fun Generation Z translator)

Evan Danner  is a young , energetic , father  & production specialist, and football coach that bridges the generational gap between the team & kings in training .  He makes sure that the boys are having fun , as they learn & get introduced to new fun experiences. Evan just s eager to learn , which is great for the boys to witness.