ELEVATING YOUNG KINGS INC."Passing the crown to tomorrow's Leaders"

   ELEVATING YOUNG KINGS INC."Passing the crown to tomorrow's Leaders"


Who We Are & What We Do

All about EYK

Elevating Young Kings is a registered Non-Profit, 501(C)3 program ; serving as a community-based organization for boys between the ages of 5-16. Our team provides positive male influences ,and guidance, to those who are lacking consistent direction from a father, or  positive , male figure, within a single parent home. 

Elevating Young Kings Incorporated’s purpose is to help young boys of color grow into productive, aware,and positive men . Our organization tackles the challenges that boys , in today’s society, are dealing with , head on . We provide the tools so that our Kings in Training know how to handle life’s hurdles as they grow.

Our programs are held every 2nd & 4th Saturday at from noon until 2:30 PM . Join our social media groups (Facebook or Instagram) for event updates .

The Game Plan

·Elevating Young Kings consista of an assortment of men, within the community, including business owners, leaders, and entrusted men that have an interest in being teachers, and positive influences to younger boys. Influencers involved with Elevating Young Kings Inc of this group will be those who are willing to step in to make a conscious change in the community, and future of young men, through the donation of their time, talent and resources.

Safety First !!!!!!!  All Influencers participating in this program are required to complete a background check to ensure the safety of  our members & families.

Previous programs listed below :

National Son’s Day Celebration 2023
National Son’s Day Celebration 2023

Serving the community 

Our team collected various community donations, this summer. Because of the giving hearts of various members of the Gwinnett County Community, we were able to able to supply families with backpacks full of school supplies , and free haircuts.